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 VIM: Hello! How are you? Your band and Artifice are putting on a benefit for Music and Memory, which is the subject of 2014 Sundance Film Festival award-winning documentary Alive Inside. Can you tell us more about Music and Memory and the impetus for wanting to reach out and assist that cause?

LIZZY MINX: We saw the film at a showing at Tropicana Las Vegas in 2014 and it touched our hearts ever since. To see people afflicted by Alzheimer’s and not very responsive or themselves at all, and then to see their faces light up after hearing a song that triggers their memories is truly a sight to behold. It shows the true power of music in a very real way.  Immediately they change, and as a musician to see such a transition happen with something you’re driven to do, makes you want to do whatever you can to see if you can help or heal people.



VIM: There is a fantastic line-up on board for the benefit that includes Kat Kalling, Ghost State, We Are Pancakes, Candy Warpop. That lineup is almost like a mini-festival of sorts. What are you most looking forward to about that night?

LIZZY MINX: We’re really looking forward to getting the word out about Music and Memory, and seeing a great turn out to support these great bands and Body Art by ‘Zann’ who are donating their talents to make a difference in other people’s lives.


VIM: In the Pet Tigers bio it says that you cover(vocals, keytar and trumpet) and Jeremy Keith covers the (drums). How did the band get started and who would you consider to be your main influences?

JEREMY KEITH: We were both in different bands and Liz’s drummer was leaving and it was inevitable. We started playing ever since then. Our musical minds synched up easily.  We are both heavily influenced by a lot of different genres, from Hip Hop, to Rock to Pop.  We both enjoy 80’s music such as Pet Shop Boys, Duran Duran, Erasure and Cyndi Lauper and are also influenced by bands such as Phantogram and Stevie Wonder.


VIM:  Your band has quite a resume having performed on Fox5's Gibson Showroom series, Neon Reverb, a Midwest Tour playing Summerfest Music Festival and Wine Amplified Music Festival, among others. Is there a venue or festival that you would like to perform at?

LIZZY MINX: Absolutely, we’ve been wanting to play Brooklyn Bowl here in fabulous Las Vegas! One of our favorite bands is actually coming through in September and it would be a dream to open for Phantogram as they support their newest album ‘Three’. 



VIM: Tell us about Pet Tiger’s album, “Short Leash.” How was the recording process? Name three key tracks and their inspiration.

 LIZZY MINX: Jeremy and I had a blast recording Short Leash with Nik Hotchkiss at ‘Philosoniks’. The songs and writing came so organically and we just really enjoy playing and writing together. Nik, who recorded, engineered, mixed, mastered and co-produced this album made it so fun and easy. We loved it and are going back into the studio this summer.


‘Just Fine’

This song is about leaving a bad relationship and being just fine.  Its that epiphany finally that you can release yourself.


‘Revolving Door’

This song is about realizing you were more invested in a relationship then the other person and the pain of letting go is so strong for you, though you know the other party has already moved on and the realization of this.


‘Come on Over’

This song is about being in love with someone so much you just want to spend all your time with them, and how important time with someone you love is.

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