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Photo by Krystal Ramirez

Photo by Krystal Ramirez

On the eve of Shayna Rain's EP Release / Tour Kick Off on Sept 21st at the Bunkhouse Saloon, VIM Magazine interviews Bryan Todd of Glass Pools. 


VIM:  Greetings Glass Pools? How are you all? You're set to tour in support of Shayna Rain in September. What can we expect from you guys while on tour? Performing any new songs? What's the set list going to consist of?

GLASS POOLSWe are not touring with Shayna Rain. We'll only be playing the EP release.


VIM: You were all recently on the radio on 107.5 fm and on Neon Reverb on KUNV 91.5. How was it like to hear yourselves on the radio? What songs did you all perform?


GLASS POOLS: We did not perform on the radio. Hearing yourself on the radio is a bit surreal. It's kinda like that scene in 'La Bamba' where Ritchie's mom is working at the diner and she tells all the patrons to be quiet because her son's on the radio. It's like that, but totally different.


VIM: Brian Henry created some visuals for your song, "Stumbling," how did that collaboration come about? Are you looking into collaborating with other artists in the future?


GLASS POOLS: Brian is a friend of ours, who happens to be a really amazing visual artist. Previously he had created a whole set of projections to be play during our live shows. We asked if he'd put something together for one of our songs on the EP. The next day, we had a cool video. The guy's a mad genius. We'd love to collaborate with other artists in the future especially in the video realm. Anyone with a camera and an idea for one of our songs should definitely pitch us.


VIM:  Your self-titled EP is now available on Spotify and Itunes. Give us a run down of each song and let us know how each song came about. What were the highlights of recording the album? Mikayla Whitmore did the cover and disc artwork. It's a striking image.


GLASS POOLS: Mikayla posted that photo to her Instagram in late December, and when we saw it we asked her right away if we could use it for an album cover. Emily (Sully, drummer) had just started playing with us, we didn't have an album, or even a name at the time, but we had a rad cover. Tracking for the EP took three days, which for six songs is pretty fast. There's something interesting about working under sucha time constraint, there's always things you'd like to retry or redo, but at some point you start to think of it as a snapshot of a certain band, at a certain place, at a certain time. Each song is unique in style, but they all sound like they come from the same band. We're proud of the songs and what we've accomplished, and very excited for what the future holds. We're writing songs and refining our live-show, hoping to do another release in the next 6-8 months.



 VIM: You guys made it to round two of the Battle of the Bands for the Life Is Beautiful Festival. How was that experience like? You guys made it to round two of the Battle of the Bands for the Life Is Beautiful Festival. How was that experience like?

GLASS POOLS: Have you ever seen the battle of the bands scene from 'Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey'?



VIM: What's up next for Glasspools*? Any side or individual projects from the band members?

GLASS POOLS: Keep on keeping on. More music. More shows. More videos. More money. More problems. More. More. More.


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