Billboard-Charting Artist Adore Delano (American Idol) "Whatever" Releasing 8/21

You’ve never heard an album like this from Billboard-charting artist Danny Noriega (“American Idol” semi-finalist, Season 7), aka drag queen Adore Delano (“RuPaul’s Drag Race” top-three finalist, Season 6).

“Whatever” (Releasing 8/21), featuring the first single “Negative Nancy” (Releasing 8/1), marks a second coming out for Adore – not for being gay (Yawn, old news), but after being a finalist on two top reality TV shows she’s finally coming out with the heavy, guitar-drenched album she always wanted to record (Hints of Marilyn MansonNirvanaCourtney Love) and finally living authentically on her own terms as one of America’s favorite androgynous recording artists.

"This album will hopefully show everyone that life is not limited,” Adore says.  “I'm finally doing the music I've been dying to perform.  Me siento muy...excited!"

“Negative Nancy” is an unapologetic guitar-drenched rollercoaster ride in a raunch-and-roll wonderland with tinges of Marilyn Manson, Nirvana and Courtney Love.  It’s a return to a grungy, guitar-driven authenticity in a raw state.

The message is simple:  Live authentically.  Don’t let others try to tell you what to do.  Question everything.  And everyone.



See the “Negative Nancy” video at You Tube:

Jorge Lara