Priests are a Washington D.C. post-punk band who formed in 2012. The members are: Katie Alice Greer (vocals), Daniele Daniele (drums), Taylor Mulitz (bass), GL Jaguar (guitar). After two self-released tapes and a 7" single the band started working with Don Giovanni Records. Priests released their debut album Nothing Feels Natural in January 2017, via Sister Polygon Records. They perform at the Beauty Bar Las Vegas on Monday, April 16 at 8pm with Same Sex Mary. I had the opportunity to interview Katie Alice Greer of Priests about their debut album and life on tour.


VIM MAGAZINE:  Priests released their debut album Nothing Feels Natural in January 2017, via Sister Polygon Records. How long did it take for the band to come up with the songs for the album?

PRIESTS: It took us a long time to write Nothing Feels Natural, and even longer to record! We’re a little slow moving sometimes because we’d rather the song sound the way we want it to than release something that sounds unfinished to us. Plus we didn’t have that much experience, it was our first record. So technically the whole thing took five years .... we are SINCERELY hoping LP2 will be a little quicker


VIM MAGAZINE: What bands influenced your sound? And what bands did you all listen to growing up?

PRIESTS: Oh man we listen to all kinds of stuff. Let’s see if I can list off some music we’ve been referencing even just in the past few days: The Go-Betweens, Cupcakke, X, Portishead, Tyler The Creator, Chic, Cymande, Marine Girls, Janet Jackson, Massive Attack.... we’re big music fans (I mean this is true of any musician, right? I hope?) and to us, respecting that love/appreciation means trying to continually explore new stuff, pull references and inspiration from unexpected places.


From the album "Nothing Feels Natural" , out January 27 2017 on Sister Polygon Records. Directed + edited by Katie Alice Greer Camera by Drew Hagelin


VIM MAGAZINE: How has it been touring to support the album? Any favorite stops?

PRIESTS: We love touring!! It is amazing to meet people in parts of the world we’ve never seen before and incredibly humbling when sometimes these people are fans of our music as well.... not sure we have favorites, more like the act of continual travel/discovery is just continually rewarding. 


VIM MAGAZINE:  You all made Stereogum’s 2013’s list of 40 Best New Bands primarily on the strength of your live shows. What can we expect fron your upcoming show at the Beauty Bar?

PRIESTS: Expect to dance and have fun



VIM MAGAZINE: What’s up next for the band?

PRIESTS: We’re working on new music! We can’t wait to share it with you. 


PRIESTS  Official Website


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