Boz Boorer of The Polecats, Morrissey, Adam Ant, In Vegas Friday


English guitarist and producer Boz Boorer, best known for his work founding the new wave rockabilly group, The Polecats, and later for his work as a co-writer, guitarist and musical director with Morrissey, will be featuring this Friday at the Sahara Events Center doing a DJ set. 


VIM MAGAZINE: In 1983, The Polecats entered the charts in the United States with their song "Make A Circuit With Me."  Being the co-leader of the band, what were some of your fondest memories with them?

BOZ BOORER: We still play together to this day, for us at the time i think it was all a big learning thing, it was very exciting being so young and being allowed to stretch your boundaries in such an experimentally music way. Playing all over the world was a great thing too, travelling has always been a fave of mine.

VIM MAGAZINE: You along with Alain Whyte are credited with successfully synthesizing jangle pop and American rockabilly to create a new sound for Morrissey. You co-wrote a lot of the songs on one of my favorite albums "Vauxhall and I." How has it been working with Morrissey on his past and most recent albums? How is the music creation process like?

BOZ BOORER: It's never the same, I never know how I will contribute to a song, sometimes the parts are suggested on the demos, sometimes they are completely different, always a joy to behold.


VIM MAGAZINE: You released your latest album last year, Age of Boom and according to Popmatters, you recorded the album at your recording studio in the mountains of Portugal. Which sounds like you might have a breathtaking view from there. How was that experience like?

BOZ BOORER: It's a lovely tranquil place up the mountains, all there is to do up there is record, it's lovely!

VIM MAGAZINE: Your wife Lyn Boorer will have a Pop Up Display for Vinyl Boutique Records. What can we expect to see there from the record store? 

BOZ BOORER: We try and bring a representative selection from our London shop, T-shirts, Cds, tote bags,



VIM MAGAZINE: What can we look forward to from your DJ Set on April 20th?

BOZ BOORER: Depending on the crowd, anything from 70s punk, glam rock, 80's indie 60's beat, ska and all things good!

Jorge Lara