Anthony Krantz of The American Weather

Photo: Tylor Thurier 

Photo: Tylor Thurier 

We interviewed Anthony Krantz of The American Weather on the eve of his birthday on the band, his first musical experience, and what we can expect next from them. The American Weather is the songwriting of Anthony Krantz, showcased by a powerhouse of a rhythm section featuring bassist Jaz Kelso and Aaron Golubic on drums. The band had a successful release last year with their debut album, “When It Gets Worse.”


VIM MAGAZINE: Being it’s your birthday, looking back, would you have done anything in life different?

ANTHONY KRANTZ: Man that’s a pretty hefty question right off the bat. In all honesty I’m sure there are things. Seemingly dumb little decisions that I tend not to trouble myself with too much. Nothing major though.

VIM MAGAZINE: Congrats on turning 23, what was your first musical experience growing up?

ANTHONY KRANTZ: Thank you very much! Um my first ever musical experience was my 10th birthday oddly enough. I was gifted a little Squire Strat by my mom. I was really stoked on it. I had taken a few lessons and tried my hand at my elementary school talent show. If I remember correctly I had played the melody line to Across The Universe to a backtrack of the song. It was kinda weird. I lost. Looking back there was some real talented fucking kids at that school. Hahahaha.


VIM MAGAZINE: Your band, The American Weather had a successful debut album release last year, what albums are you currently listening to?

ANTHONY KRANTZ: Currently I’ve been listening to more modern stuff than I had in the past. Albums that are a year or two old by now however. I’ve really been enjoying Woodstock by Portugal. The Man. Boy Who Died Wolf by Highly Suspect. A Black Mile To The Surface by Manchester Orchestra. A Deeper Understanding by The War On Drugs. And I keep telling myself not to but I’ve basically listened to You’re Not As _ As You Think by Sorority Noise so many times I’m pretty sure I could recreate the whole thing by memory using only a pair of chopsticks and a ukulele.


VIM MAGAZINE:  Who were your artistic influences growing up?

ANTHONY KRANTZ: Oh man. Too many to even consider. There’s the classic shit like Bob Dylan and Zeppelin and The Doors. I had a big White Stripes phase, although now I have more of an appreciation for The Raconteurs. Lyrically it still is and has been Andy Hull, Conor Oberst, Sage Francis, and Brian Fallon.


VIM MAGAZINE: What can we expect next from you and the American Weather?

ANTHONY KRANTZ: We got plans. Big plans. Really big plans. Plans so huge Webster will have to consider redefining the word “plan”. I’m talking HUGE moves my guy.

Nawh we’re actually just going to put out a new record in the summer. Tour a few times around the coast and try not to starve.

Jorge Lara