Canadian Band Mulligrub Venture Into Velveteen Rabbit Tonight

Photo: Jen Doersken

Photo: Jen Doersken


Mulligrub from Winnipeg, Manitoba venture into Vegas tonight performing with Las Vegas bands The Quacks and Bad Girls’ Smoking Lounge at Velveteen Rabbit. 

The band describe themselves as “two Cancers and an Aquarius writing upbeat emo garage pop to have Way Too Many Feelings to.”

Photo: Jen Doersken 

Photo: Jen Doersken 

VIM: What are you looking forward to most about your tour stop in Vegas?

Mirella: the first time I visited Vegas I went as a tourist. I didn’t like it cause all the casinos smelled like smoke, and there was a lot drunk people. Things that are not my vibe. So what I am most looking forward to in Las Vegas is playing and seeing the bands and music scene!

Riley: I feel like Vegas has a really intense reputation, more so than a lot of other cities, so that’s pretty interesting. I feel like there’s got to be a lot more going on, so I’m interested to see it in real life, and meet people who live there.

Kelly: I heard it has a sphinx. I am excited to see one of the final tragic spectacles of capitalism before it descends into the sea.

Photo: Jen Doersken

Photo: Jen Doersken



VIM: How long is your tour in the US? Any favorite places so far?

 M - Our tour has been is a little over two weeks. My favorite place..... I would say it would be Seattle. We found a great rainbow in Seattle  

K - we have played lots of places but we also visited the sea lion caves on the Oregon Coast. We took in elevator down into a cave and there was sea lions in the cave and they were making a really funny sound. I got a penny from one of those machines where you put a penny in and then you get a little crushed penny with the seal on it or whatever attraction you happen to be at. So that was a highlight for me... all the shows were too good for me to pick one it wouldn’t be fair.

M - yes I agree with Kelly as well it’s too hard to choose one or two.

R- There’s two weeks in the US! And it was really cool to see California because I had heard so much about it and had never been. The redwoods are my favourite they are so beautiful.

my favourite show of the tour has been in Canada, but every show in the states has been really good so it’s hard to pick one.




VIM: Your album Soft Grudge, released in 1996 was six years in the making. What was the most challenging part of recording that album?

K - The most challenging part of recording an album was definitely time travelling back 20 years to 1996 and embarking on a two-year album cycle and then figuring out how to jump back forwards into 2016 at which point we were supposed to already be super famous and rich.  Obviously we aren’t rich so the plan didn’t work. I think this could be because I didn’t practice very much and had a hard time getting those guitar parts down. I was spending too much time working on the time machine and not enough time focusing on my craft.

M -  from what I remember it was like a nine hour recording session,we ended at like two or three in the morning and I had to work at seven so I was very grumpy at work the next day. Sorry that I yelled at you Kim at work..... you’re the nicest person and I was so mad that day. I’m really glad with the outcome of the Album though!

R - For me it was fine but I also recorded and mixed and mastered the album which was too much for one person to do especially when you’re in the band so I don’t wanna do that all again, but it was fun!

Photo: Eric Roberts

Photo: Eric Roberts




VIM: You’re all from Winnipeg in Minetoba. What would you recommend someone visiting there?

K - If I knew someone that was visiting Manitoba I probably would invite them over to hang out with me because not that many people really visit. I would also tell them to do purple city if it was the winter time, that is where you go stand and stare at the spotlights in front of the legislative building for about 30 seconds and then you turn around and you look at the city and everything looks purple.

M - I would recommend going to a show that’s put on by real love which is a really cool promoting company that books shows. I would also recommend going to VJ’s, really good burgers and milkshakes.

K– the milkshakes at VJ’s are actually so good they have a lime milkshake oh my God!

R - there is an old monastery in the south end of the city that used to be run by monks that burned down in like the 70s. you can go out and stand in the ruins it’s really cool. That area is really beautiful, there is a river and a really long path along it.




VIM: What’s next for the band?

M: I’m just starting to write new music so we’re having more new songs that are written by me and played by all of us and the new album is going to be released next year.

R - we are hoping to be able to really get into working on a new album this summer.

K – I am going to start getting more guitar lessons again so I can play more cooler noodley bits and I’m learning how to use a harmonizer pedal. I was always really into writing lyrics and stuff so now that I’m not doing all of it it’s fun to focus on playing the guitar better. 

Also we are going to Canadian music week in Toronto soon, playing two showcases on May 10, one at 8pm and one at 10pm. We’re going to fly in a plane to get there which is pretty fucking cool.  We’re going to schmooze some people up  so all those industry big wigs out there better put their schmoozing pants on and get ready.

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