TSTMRKT's Home Entertainment System out on July 12


The TSTMRKT album/project "Home Entertainment System" gets released July 12th. The project features artwork by Brent Holmes and Joseph Shaul and a companion book by Ernest Hemmings.


“ I wanted to create a collaborative art piece that could be enjoyed on multiple levels, incorporating my love of collage, the need to poke holes in preconceived notions, and utilizing the talents of the artists that I have worked with over the years, “ said Ernest Hemmings of TSTMRKT., “The resulting project is "The Home Entertainment System."  H.E.S. is a limited edition vinyl record that touches all the nostalgic feels of radio theater, and the future with "yet to be created" content for an ever-expanding alternate universe of videos and performances that are linked to each copy.”

Ernest Hemmings and Breon Jenay of TSTMRKT

Ernest Hemmings and Breon Jenay of TSTMRKT

TSTMRKT in association with Bad Moon Booking present a one night only performance in support of the release of their new album "Home Entertainment System." on July 12 at Cornish Pasty Co. and will feature all manifestations of TSTMRKT performing in a single evening with Breon Jenay, Brandon McClannahan, and Ernest Hemmings. Tickets are available online and at the door.

Test Market is a live performance art piece that incorporates time, space, and media collage. It also happens to be very funny and will possibly make you pee in your pants.

More info: www.tstmrkt.com

Jorge Lara