Shonen Knife Live At Vinyl at the Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas by Elsa Cantu

Shonen Knife performed on Sunday, August 25 at Vinyl Las Vegas with Me Like Bees. Here now are some photos from Photographer Elsa Cantu.

Named after a blade used to sharpen pencils, the rock band Shonen Knife formed in 1981 in Osaka, Japan. Since then, the band has had its peaks and valleys, from opening for Nirvana in the 1990s and landing a spot on a Carpenters tribute album, to mourning the death of their drummer in 2005 and weathering numerous membership changes.

With more than 20 albums to their credit, including 2019’s “Sweet Candy Forever,” the group has stayed sharp and edgy, with unpretentious lyrics and a garage rock sound. The trio are sometimes known as the Osaka Ramones.

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Elsa Cantu