Renowned American Film Director Tim Burton to Stage Exhibition at the Neon Museum


Renowned American film director, producer, artist, writer and animator Tim Burton will stage an exhibition of his original fine art at the Neon Museum in Las Vegas in 2019. Tim Burton @ the Neon Museum will be staged at multiple locations: the Museum's outdoor Boneyard exhibition space, in its North Gallery and at the City of Las Vegas' Boneyard Park across from the Museum's Visitors' Center.


Created to take advantage of the unique open-air spaces at the museum, the installation will be integrated with the Museum's collection. Burton intends for the exhibition to serve as a retrospective of his own creative history, as well as a celebration of his affection for the Neon Museum. Conceived as a collaboration with the Museum, it will be genuinely site-specific and unlike any other exhibition Burton has ever staged. Tim Burton @ The Neon Museum will comprise a combination of new work and previously shown pieces and will be on view from October 15, 2019, through February 15, 2020.


Born in Burbank in 1958, Tim Burton studied at the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), afterwards he worked as an animator at the Walt Disney Studios before breaking out on his own. Taking inspiration from popular culture, fairy tales and traditions of the gothic, Burton has reinvented Hollywood genre filmmaking as an expression of a personal vision.

*These images are representative of the sort of large-scale sculptures and installations Burton will be creating specifically for the Neon Museum.

Jorge Lara