“LOBO LOCO” By Artist Leobardos Bracamontes, Opening Reception Saturday, September 7 at 6pm


In keeping with Core Contemporary’s programming goals to bring in unique, strong and expressive contemporary art balancing cultural and gender voices, the exhibition will be featuring Leobardo Bracamontes's paintings, sculptures, assemblage works and drawings on September 5. Influenced by his ancestral Yaqui Indian, Mexican and Spanish heritage Bracamontes interprets ancient fables, legends, and folk tales within his work in a way that bridges time and culture. Thematically, Bracamontes’s work speaks to his love for family (including a son who is awaiting a kidney transplant and undergoing daily dialysis), his fondness for the imagination, whimsy and fantasy of the circus, and his deep appreciation for the heroic archetypes found in Lucha Libre. Creating colorful and often comical, exaggerated figures in his work that can be both fantastical and recognizable, Bracamontes tackles the deep subjects of death, politics, societal chaos, religion, and fatherhood with sensitivity and strength.

“There is an allure to Bracamontes's work that transports me into fables of old,” shares gallery owner and curator, Nancy Good. “It's as though he is painting a parable where the viewer is absolutely convinced there is a deeper lesson meant to be discovered (and there usually is). Further, though some might consider his work to be “outsider art,” his signature elements of vibrant color and raw textures are quite approachable. The “outsider” element creates a unique juxtaposition that invites us to look closer, but not too close due to the potential to be scratched or poked.”

Leo is a Mexican-American artist. His vibrant colors & textures contrast with eerie Folklore. Core Contemporary is a unique venue for aficionados looking for a diverse and sophisticated art experience. Located near the Las Vegas Strip and Convention Center, this 3,000 square foot gallery provides an engaging setting in which to experience remarkable original art, meet working artists, enjoy immersive educational forums, and host private events. The gallery was recently named best new art space for 2019 by the Las Vegas Weekly.

“LOBO LOCO" at Core Contemporary
by Mexican-American Artist Leobardo Bracamontes
September 4, 2019 – November 2, 2019

More info: Core Contemporary

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