VIM Magazine Editor In Chief Jorge Lara On His Upcoming Feature At The Arts Factory, Living The Artist’s Dream, and The Pursuit of Happiness.


VIM Magazine Editor In Chief and Founder Jorge Lara is set to feature on November 19, 2pm at the Arts Factory for the Art at the Palettte Patio monthly free event that brings together poets, artists, and dance. He will be reading from his new collection of poetry “Come Alive.”


The event which runs from 1pm to 5pm is also set to feature musician Tiffany Miller, Bellydancer Sarah Anderson, Fire Dancer Kimberly Isamazing, musician Luke Pease and DnB Karaoke. Along with the features there will also be an open mic.

The feature marks a return for Jorge Lara who previously use to perform with band Interzone at the Arts Factory.

Check out our short q and a:

 ”On Living The Artists Dream”

Jorge Lara: We have lived this life pursuing the depths of our imagination and we owe it to our selves to see where all of this that we have created is heading. Who knows what the future holds, but knowing there is beauty somewhere in the mix makes all the difference. As our souls sing and jive, we have ventured pass all our passion into an unknown territory where what we imagine can only nurture us in full.

I’ve been thinking about a lot of things, about the poetry organization that I founded, about the people that I work with, about what my actions do, about how I can best help my community going forward, and perhaps it is to step back. To step back and become an observer, just another member of the audience. We’ve dilly dally for so long, let us enjoy the fruits of our labor. I’ve accomplished so much but have sacrificed a lot as well but in the end, it has really all been worth it. 



” On Life And The Pursuit of Happiness “

Jorge Lara: What truly makes me happy? It is funny that things have changed for me in that regard. We no longer sense an obligation to please others like we have done before, it’s that adage that as you grow older you get accustomed to acknowledging your surroundings with your best behavior going forward. Learning from the people around you. I’ve learned to trust my instincts but also the people that I choose to have around me. We’ve established an amazing group of people with our new Executive board for the poetry organization. Been spending the last couple of weeks training them as we prepare for our 2018 programming season.


 ”To What We Owe Ourselves”

Jorge Lara: I have to say that I owe my life to being able to express myself. Through the years, with poetry, finding an audience and support system with people I have been introduced to here in Las Vegas. Having been in this city since 1996 a lot of things have changed but one thing has remained constant and that is the ability to remain inspired by what I see and by what I have have yearned for. Yearning for the freedom to be one self, to be accepted for who they are, not setting limitations on you. I am the maker of my own destiny. VIM Magazine is a constant proof of that. We have some phenomenal interviews coming up in the days ahead that will finally see fruition. Glad to know that I am still able to surprise myself after all these years. Here is where it gets better. The energy to meditate on the present and make life resonate through it’s own sheer will. We all have the potential to make our world remarkable by just  opening our eyes to what we already have at arm’s length.




Jorge Lara