Hollie Winnard


VIMMAG: Greetings Hollie Winnard, how are you? You grew up in the the New England area where you studied Theater and Art. How did that experience get you ready for your career in television and movies?

HOLLIE WINNARD: Well, you went straight to the childhood question. Honestly, I can't fathom how I would have turned out if I had grown up anywhere but Rhode Island. New England has a romanticism about it; There is a strange ethereal energy that surrounds the gloomy historic towns. Providence is an embodiment of this. It's no wonder it happens to be the birthplace of H.P. Lovecraft and was a favourite place for Edgar Allan Poe to visit. It is rich in Gothic architecture, and centers itself as a hubbub for the arts. It’s home to RISD, the country's top Art and Design University. So, it was really no surprise that I’d always wanted to be an artist. My passion is a result of an unconventional upbringing mixed with the haunting imagery in Providence.



VIMMAG: In the past you have starred in such shows as Rules of Engagement, Beauty and the Geek and How I Met Your Mother. What has been one of your personal highlights and what would you consider your dream role to be?

HOLLIE WINNARD: As for my “dream role"?  Pretty much anything in the Scifi/Fantasy genre. A Captain or first officer in the new "Star Trek" series. River's role in "Firefly", Buffy's role in "Buffy the Vampire” series, "Jessica Jones”, Rey in "Star Wars”, a "Doctor Who” companion… I'm obsessed with Doctor Who… So much so I have a giant Tardis in my house.

So how did that work out? Let’s start with the roles I've actually played. In "How I Met Your Mother" I was a Ditzy Blonde. In "Rules of Engagement" I was a Ditzy Blonde. In "GCB" I was a Ditzy Blonde. In "Beauty and the Geek" I was a rocket scientist! Just kidding...I was yet ANOTHER Ditzy Blonde. Sigh.

You can probably understand why I felt frustrated in the sexist, cliche, stereotyping bullshit that runs rampant in Hollywood. My web-series "Hollie's Law” is a direct response to that narrow mindedness. It's an educational show that focuses finding facts in famous works of fiction. Our core message is that science is cool and INTELLIGENCE is what we should consider sexy.




VIMMAG: Lets ponder a bit into politics. What is your view on this election season and what do you think Bernie Sanders chances are come this November? What do you think is needed to really bring change to the current climate of it all?

HOLLIE WINNARD: Oh no, you asked me a question about politics... I try not to bring up the subjects of Politics and Religion (or lack there of, in my case) because you always end up pissing someone off. This is going to end badly, because I lack a filter, Haha. This election cycle has paved the way for major changes. The fact that someone like Trump has so many followers is a clear indication that the establishment is failing. People would rather trust a hotheaded, reality star than a politician. This also proves why so many of us (Yes, I said us) LOVE Bernie Sanders, He has been saying for years, that the establishment is corrupt, and that we deserve better. Bernie invokes the change we so desperately need. However, the media constantly blacks him out and the DNC has made it obvious that they are sabotaging his path to the White House. They can't control him, and that scares a lot of people in Washington.  The two party system is splitting, and that's a good thing. The government needs to evolve. Candidates like Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein are part of the progressive revolution. The Republicans are still trying to overturn marriage equality and Pro-Choice laws. The younger generations want no part in these archaic ideologies. It’s time to focus on a brighter future: clean energy, affordable education, responsible farming, etc. Kind of like what we see in "Star Trek". Ha...I had to get one more Trekkie reference in there.

So that's pretty much it. I'm mostly focused on traveling, on this election, and how to constantly improve myself, my art, and my show.  Thanks again for the interview, LLAP !

Jorge Lara