Torrejon & Pascual Model: Monica Camacho

VIM: Greetings Yolanda. You and Pablo Pascual do fashion photography in Spain. How did you get your start in fashion photography? How do you both work together?

YOLANDA TORREJON: Hiya! Pablo and I met each other in a photography school in Madrid, where we started to specialize in fashion photography. After a while, our relationship became more closer and then we became a couple. We work very well together and also we complement each other. There is nothing better in life than love and passion for fashion together.



VIM: What were your earliest influences and who are some of your current favorite photographers?

YOLANDA TORREJON: There are three photographers that influence us quickly in world of fashion like Helmut Newton, Richard Avedon and Guy Bourdin. Their photographs are beautiful as well as they give us the energy to keep working and improving every day. In current photographers we can not miss Peter Lindbergh, he is a great fashion photographer. Also, we love Mario Testino, he has a grand work. In Spain for example, we really love Mario Sierra, Sergi Jasanda, Miguel Reveriego and many more haha we don’t know if people know them abroad of Spain but their work is amazing and we highly recommend you to know them, they will not disappoint you.


VIM: Your work has been featured in a number of magazines including La Palme Magazine, Hacid Magazine, Lucitisima, and Zurda Magazine. What has been some of your favorite photo shoots?

YOLANDA TORREJON: In our work in general we always like the last thing we have done and to our older works we have same affection to them, but I suppose that is good, I think it is part of the evolution in our work. One of the last works that we really like is the one with model Sasha Swan, because of the stiling and for the light that we achieved. In a while, probably will be a recent work haha! Always happens the same to us.



VIM: How is the fashion scene in Spain and how has it been working with the current fashion houses? 

TORREJON: Fashion in Spain is very inscrutable and very difficult to make a space for yourself in it. This work is like a rollercoaster because sometimes you are up and other times you are down. It is extremelly laborious to earn a living as a fashion photographer. Other times they pay better than now a days and also they protect themselves saying that they are going to promote you or even they say that only have a limited budget for the photography team, but after that they want a high quality, they should pay better or have a better budget. It is quite difficult but step by step we are making a name for ourselves, because we are working hard and we are very determined too.


VIM: Any plans to bring your work stateside to the United States?

TORREJON: Yes, absolutely, although we live in Spain our idea is to expand our work around the world and United States is one of our goals. In fact, not long ago, we featured in La Palme Magazine, which is a magazine from Orlando, so little by little we want to post in more magazines and then more people will know us.



Jorge Lara