Help Back A Comic Anthology Created To Help Young Adults Tackle the Issue of Sexism


Queens Comic Anthology is a 44 page comic anthology, 9 different stories detailing how society can undermine the potential of women's capabilities. Each character is driven to rise above with humor and courage. The stories are non-fiction or fiction, but all of them are relatable. This is a character from a story by Mark Otto, drawn by Sir Rabbitkins (IG), and lettered by Greg Boucher!

As a long time comics reader and social justice activist, Jean Marie Munson has wanted to mobilize the Nevada community to create a comic that made advocacy fun.

“Everywhere I go in my adult life I am surrounded by people fighting for representation and so I wanted to bring a team together that could help young adult readers understand what representation looks like. A team comprised of women, non binary folks, and allies have done their best to address what it means to be told to "smile," to experience "mansplaining," to combat body shaming, and gender discrimination in the workplace. It is full of rich stories that we hope to distribute nationally on an affordable scale for schools, organizational infrastructures, and non-profits to utilize for their young folks trying to grasp all these complex social justice issues,” Munson said. 

If you would like to help make this 44 page book to take a step towards an equitable solution for all those that care about diverse gender issues check out their Kickstarter page here:

Jorge Lara